Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'm back!

I'm back in the saddle again!

I'm back!

I'm back in the saddle again!


Those lyrics are from a pretty sexual Aerosmith song. I don’t want to mislead any one and make you believe that I’ve been sexually active. That is not the case. If it were the case I wouldn’t have anything to be writing about. I’m back to the blog and I keep hearing that in my head so that’s why I posted it.


I would apologize for not writing but let’s just get to the good stuff, yeah? This is the “gem” I promised a while back. The time has come. When I first moved to LA I did not know many people, but through my one friend, I quickly became friends with a small group of people that I hung out with a lot. It was my friend Nick (former editor of Klean Up Your Act) and then three girls. We hung out and went drinking together almost every weekend.


At first, it was cool and we were all just friends. After a while though, I hung out with this one girl more and more. As we spent more time together I began to develop some feelings for this girl. I hung out with her a lot in one on one situations but never did any thing about how I felt because…I’m a puss. We all know that already, so no big deal.


One weekend, after about a month of not making a move, it was her friend’s birthday. Nick, these two girls, and myself, all went to a bar to celebrate. We had plenty of drinks and after a while I finally grew some balls. I some how managed to get the girl that I like I, alone on a couch, while our other two friends were on the dance floor.


It’s just she and I. I have my arm around her, trying to play it cool. I think to myself, “Man up, BJ! Just do it!” We all know what a ladies man I am, so I look at her in the eyes and say something smooth. I believe it was something like, “I’m sorry I didn’t want to try to make a move on you while I was drunk, but oh well.” AAAAAAnd I lean in for a kiss! She turned her head in the opposite direction faster then what I thought humanly possible. She was out of there and wanted nothing to do with what I was offering. But can you blame her?


She was very nice about everything. She began to apologize and tell me she was sorry and that she didn’t feel that way about me. I said it was cool and that I totally understood.


Now you would think my rejection story would end here. Wrong. WRONG! As some may know, I have a twitter account! What do I do RIGHT after this all goes down? I turn to my phone and tweet. And I quote, “Rejected lol.” That’s right, I got rejected and wanted to let the world know it! Don’t worry, the story doe not end here!


We are still sitting next to each other, my arm still around her, and she is trying to make things less awkward for us. Soooooo what does she do? She reaches for her blackberry and goes on twitter. You’ll never guess what she saw! REJECTED LOL. She simply turns to me and says, “I just wanted to let you know I HATE YOU! Why would you do that?” I die laughing. It was really funny to me. I totally forgot she could get twitter on her phone. I can’t really remember how she reacted but I’m guessing it wasn’t good.


Oh but wait, there is more! Nick and friend who are on the dance floor also have twitter! Both of their phones go off simultaneously. They stop what they are doing, check their phones, look at each other, and then look over to us sitting on the couch! I do not know what went through their mind but I know they both found it hilarious.


The night ended and we went home. I spoke with her (through text message) and cleared the air. We remained friends and we are still friends to this day. “Rejected lol” will live on forever amongst our group of friends and I hope it is something that you too will start to use too.


Now I’ll apologize and you can stop reading if you want. Sorry I haven’t been writing much. My final semester at college was coming to a close, I needed to find a job, and try to make things happen so I can stay in LA so I’ve been stressed and pretty busy. Good news though, I found a job and will remain in LA and will keep providing you with more stories about my failures. I’m going to write two more posts now but will be posting them in the next couple days so you are not overwhelmed.


Please write comments! Tell me what a tool I am!



Love Always,




I’m tired and don’t want to proof read. I know my grammar is terrible but deal with it. I wanted to make sure this got up for everyone at work tomorrow. I’ll correct it over time.